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Wellness holidays in Germany: sense of delight guaranteed

Enjoy a world full of peace, time and space and rediscover yourself. Lean back for a moment and join us on a journey through a world full of pleasure and relaxation. Our selected wellness hotels in Germany offer a unique spa experience with very special pampering programmes. They are real relaxation oases at the highest level in all aspects such as facilities, treatments, individual service and culinary delights. In addition, the wellness hotels in Germany are usually quickly and easily accessible - ideal for a short break in between!
Wellness im Severins Resort Sylt
Wellness at Severins Resort Sylt
Sylt - Severins Resort and Spa - Relax your body and soul
Wellness and spa at the Severins Resort Sylt:

* Swimming pool with glass roof
* Sauna with Hamam, Rasul, steam and herbal sauna, Finnish sauna, women's sauna, relaxation rooms
* Private spa suites
* Relaxing treatments at the highest level - massages, wellness and beauty treatments
* TechnoGym devices for cardio, endurance and strength
* Courses with Personal Trainer
* Daily activity programme
* Spa Café

Haus Severins for up to 6 persons with sauna and steam shower

Haus Severins Plus for up to 8 persons with sauna

Villa Severins for up to 10 persons with private wellness area

Villa Severins Plus for up to 8 persons with private wellness area