A taste of Sicily, the most famous of the Balearic islands and a Spanish metropole
Malta – Valencia

Classical moments between Sicily and Spain – an expertly composed programme for music lovers.

After setting sail from Malta, the ship will take in Sicily, Sardinia and Mallorca before arriving in Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences. These destinations provide the perfect backdrop for interesting talks and exclusive concerts, with Italy and Spain both enjoying prominent status in the music world. Some of the world’s best singers and composers grew up here and there is definitely a sense of a certain musical air in the air. On board as well as on land you will listen to a selection of artists, allowing you to indulge in the pure enjoyment of music.

Many renowned musicians have already played the Steinway grand in the ship’s lounge, teasing some beautiful melodies out of it. The Sea Cloud II has genuine experience when it comes to musical cruises and will now provide the setting for an extremely varied programme which is sure to thrill fans of classical music.

Syrakus: UNESCO-World Heritage Site
Cicero once described Syracuse as “the greatest and most beautiful of the Greek cities”. Up to a million people – three times the population of mighty Athens – are claimed to have lived there in antiquity. This city on the small island of Ortigia was later conquered first by the Romans, then by Arabs, Byzantines and Normans. They have left behind a unique architectural heritage: The UNESCO declared Syracuse a World Heritage Site in 2005 due to its archaeological importance.

The small volcanic island of Lipari

Lipari is part of the Aeolian Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In some places, the island’s volcanic rock formations seem to resemble sculptures, and its cultural history stretches back 7,000 years. The tiny harbours are the place to come to if you want to absorb the infectious southern Italian lifestyle.

Bathed in gold: the Cappella Palatina and its mosaics
At the highest point of the medieval town centre in Palermo lies a castle whose roots can be traced back to the Normans. From the outside this building seems imposing and spellbinding, but its interior charm is truly breathtaking – especially the “Cappella Palatina” and its design with Arab, Byzantine and Norman influences stained glass and gold mosaics on the walls, a wooden ceiling richly adorned with Arab ornaments, and an artistic marble oor are what give this former Palazzo Reale Chapel Royal its dream-like fairytale atmosphere.

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