Rental holiday villas on Chios Island

Luxury Suites in a palace on the island of Chios

The island Chios with its mountain ranges in the north and several wide bathing bays is located in the eastern Aegean, just off the coast of Asia Minor.

It is the fifth largest island in Greece and charmed by its varied landscape, which reaches a height of 1,297 m in the north of the island. The south of the island is hilly with elevations up to 400 m. Fertile garden landscapes alternate with rocky mountain ranges. Along the coast there are several large bays that are perfect for swimming and you will find a variety of smaller harbor bays. Chios has been inhabited for over 5,000 years and it is the birth island of Homer. When visiting the medieval mastic villages Mesta, Olymbi, Vessa and Pyrgi you feel like visiting another world. Geometric patterns on white walls, romantic market places and original architecture - it seems as if the clocks had stopped. Very worth seeing is Nea Moni in the center of the island with its mosaics. This monastery belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another trip should result in the northwest to the cave Sykias. Divers will find their paradise, too: the island is one of the best diving areas in Europe.


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